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Praying for full churches in Burundi

November 08, 2023

In our study of Ephesians, one of the important lessons we are learning is that we grow best in the company of other believers. That’s what a listener in Burundi has found, too. Here’s his story.

“Glory be to God! I used to go to church, but it has been a long time. As soon as I left, I found myself in the weak position of being attracted by earthly things. I struggled for many years, but now have found your programs. With your help, God’s Word is changing me, and now I am ready to go back. Please pray that I find a church and stay there. I want to once again grow like I did when I was connected to others who pushed me, encouraged me, and cared about me.”

Today, thank God for His Word that is heard in the language of Kirundi. As it goes out today, may it change the hearts of all who hear it and fill the pews of local churches with those who want to worship and grow together.

It’s God’s way or no way at all. That’s the lesson a listener in Mozambique learned as he studied 1 Samuel. Hear more tomorrow as we travel and pray together.

Listen here to TTB-Kirundi.