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Home Groups are growing in Bangladesh

December 15, 2023

On THRU the BIBLE today we celebrate how God is faithfully moving the ministry ahead, especially through Home Groups around the world.

Let’s continue to rejoice in this good news. Here’s a story from a listener named BiKu from Bangladesh:

“I knew almost nothing about the Word of God. One day a neighbor shared about your program and invited me to a meeting in her home. After that I started to listen every day. Through the teaching, God’s Word wormed into my heart and spirit. I understood that by believing in Jesus, I can be saved and go to heaven. So, I have received Jesus Christ as my Savior. Pray for me so that I can continue to listen to these audio lessons and grow in my Christian life.”

Thank God for His saving grace in this listener’s life and all those who have believed in Jesus Christ this year. Together let’s pray God continues to expand THRU the BIBLE’s Home Group movement and provide leaders who are ready and willing to open their homes to those who want to hear His Word.

A listener in Assam, India, discovers the truth of Proverbs 30:5. Hear more next time on World Prayer Today.

Listen here to TTB-Bangladesh Bengali.