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Albania used to be one of the hardest line Communist countries in the world, and today they have total religious freedom. But some sources indicate that 70% of the country is Muslim! Pray for our Albanian broadcasts as we present God’s Word to millions of confused people who need to hear the truth.

Many of our listeners in Central Europe are facing instability and financial hardship in their circumstances. Ask the Lord to use the TTB broadcasts to deepen their trust in God.

Many of the countries of Central Europe suffered for decades under Communist rule. While increasing levels of freedom have come to many people in this part of Europe, many of these countries have a long road of recovery ahead of them as they continue to face the devastating effects of atheistic Communism. Pray for open ears and minds and that the Holy Spirit would soften hearts to accept God’s gift of salvation through grace.

Listener Testimonials

Social media message from Flutura in Fier: Your programs are a great encouragement to me, since I do not go to a church. I was married 12 years ago. I began to live with my husband’s family. I was alone, without a job and often bored. One day, I was changing the radio station when I heard for the first time your radio station. I still do not go to church because there is no church near to me and even if there was a church I am afraid my husband would not allow me to go. But your radio program has blessed me in such a wonderful way. This program has taught me how to study the Bible and to understand the things I have never thought about. Now I have three children and the Lord has blessed my life. Thank you for bringing the Bible in my house through your program. God bless you.

From Lija in Durres, Albania: I am a new believer. I stay home all the day. I live in a small village and we do not have many activities to do. I go to church once a week in the city. Recently a friend in my church gave me a solar radio. I began listening to your programs. TTB really blesses my heart. I am so happy there is such a great program. I have a notebook and take notes. I enjoy the fact that the speaker stops at each verse of the Bible. It is a great thing. It is like having someone answering the question you may have while you are reading the Bible. Often I discuss the things that I hear with my husband. Thank you for these programs, [which] are encouraging me every day to walk close with the Lord.

From Durres, Albania: Your radio programs strengthen my faith. I feel like God is taking care of me and my need to feed the spiritual man through the messages you prepare. Thru the Bible is very helpful for every believer, especially for those believers who want to know the Word of God in a deeper way. I like to take notes and think about the verses in the evening. Thank you to the Albanian pastor who explains the Bible with so much passion as well.

From Albania: One of my favorite programs is Thru the Bible with Dr. McGee. It has been a great encouragement for me. You have been a source of joy and blessing in my life. I want to thank you with all of my heart that you are a real and touchable blessing in my life. This program has helped me to walk straight ahead in the way of God. God bless you!

From Kosovo: Thank you for your TTB program. I am from Kosovo and I listen to it through internet and it has helped me in my spiritual growth. The different topics that come through the study of the different books of the Bible are really helpful. One of the books I really want to notice is the book of Ruth. I have drawn great spiritual lessons from that book. Blessings to you and your staff!

From Albania: I am a new believer. I have suffered from self-esteem. But, now I am learning what it means to be a child of God. Your TTB program is my guide of the day. I have learned great things. Some things I do not fully understand, but I praise the Lord for this step by step study. Be blessed!

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  • Producer: Akil Pano
  • Launched: 2004
  • Target Area: Albania
  • Mediums: FM radio, Internet
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