Praise and Prayer Needs

Praise God for recent church growth in Thailand! However, Thai Christians still are only about 1% of the population, and 65% of church members are first-generation believers.

Pray that the program will help educate and ground new believers in God’s Word.

Pray for our producer and his team, that they would be enabled by the Holy Spirit to live as Christlike examples.

Pray that the broadcast would be effective in teaching Thai listeners the importance of Bible study, prayer, and godly living.

Listener Testimonials

From Chiang Rai Province, Thailand: The more I read, the more I am understanding the Bible. It means that the Word of God is growing in my life. The reading of the Bible and the listening to the radio has many blessings: When I have prepared myself for the day with reading and then I listen, it opens up the day with freshness and peace the whole time through. Any day I cannot listen I take the script and read and have peace also. Living with the Bible both reading and listening means that when I go to visit others, the Word of God comes out as encouragement for them and we are all happy every day.

From Thailand:
I listen regularly to the Thru the Bible program from very early when it is still dark. My church is a very small one with not many members and they are mostly elderly people. We don’t have a pastor and so we are lacking in spiritual food. Please pray for my church. I read the scripts of [your] Bible lessons and they have helped me to have greater knowledge and understanding. May those of you making this program receive blessings from the Lord.

From Chonburi, Thailand:
I listen every day to the Thru the Bible program and it is easy to follow and understand. It has good content and it is just right on line with my personal life and I can use the content I am learning from the Bible. Every day now, whether it is TV or radio, they don’t have worthwhile content at all. Thank you that you teach and warn us to be careful of false teachers. I want to be an encouragement to you to continue to produce the good programs.

From Chiang Ray, Thailand:
I am happy to listen to the Thru the Bible program every day and it gives me strength and joy to persevere in life each day. I have to listen to the program before leaving my home each day. If I miss a day, I don’t have peace and am tense. I am from another province and finding it very hard to make a living. Sometimes I am very bothered but never mind. I want to thank the Lord and the radio team very much. May God give you extra strength.

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  • Producer: ​Wichai Phodchongkhan
  • Launched: 1993
  • Target Area: Thailand
  • Mediums: FM radio, AM radio, Internet
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