Praise and Prayer Needs

Please pray for the physical health of our Bhili producer who suffers from diabetes.

Pray for the successful completion of construction on a church building in Thathaniya village. This congregation was started by a listener who came to the Lord through the TTB-Bhili radio program.

Believers in Zabua District are facing persecution by anti-Christian activists. Please pray for them and especially that the new believers will be able to stand firm in their newfound faith.

Pray for the Radio Home Groups that have been started and for new ones in more Bhili areas.

Listener Testimonials

From Gujarat: I enjoy listening to the Bhili program in the Radio Home [listening group]. God has blessed me with a wife and six children. Initially I belonged to a different faith. But I lived in a Christian hostel while I was studying and that’s where I heard about Jesus. From my childhood I have been very interested in reading the Bible, prayer and singing Christian songs. But when I completed my studies I began to live life as an ordinary person, following all the rituals of my faith. But I had no peace of mind. I could not understand what was happening to my family. One day I switched on my radio and when I heard about Jesus in my own Bhili language, I became alert. I was amazed with that program. And then I realized my mistake. That day I accepted Jesus as my personal savior. Everyone in my family now strongly believes in Jesus. Now we are listening to the program at our Radio Home on a CD. We are able to understand the Word of God deeper and grow in our spiritual life. Please pray for our family.

From Gujarat:
I belong to a different religious background. To earn my living, I work in a paddy field. Life is tough as our economic condition is poor. In our village there are a few Christian families and there is also a church. After my marriage, for a long time there was no peace in our home. My wife miscarried several times and that worried me. Though I resorted to witch craft, spoke to our village priests and offered cocks and goats to the temple, nothing changed. One night I tuned my radio and happened to listen to your Bhili program. I heard the voice of a person talking about the Word of God. That message worked in my life. On that very day I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord. It brought peace into my life. At the beginning, my relatives and parents opposed me. But I counseled them and convinced them that Jesus is the Lord and they could see a change in my life. I testified for Jesus and gradually they accepted, my family. These days we go to church regularly. Best of all, God has done a miracle in our family. After accepting the Lord God, He has blessed my wife with a child. Through that my faith in the Lord was strengthened. Would you believe it, we now have three children? Previously we used to listen to your program on the radio. For the past three months we have been listening to it on a DVD player. It helps us learn and enjoy fellowship with others. We can listen to it at a time convenient to us. The messages on the program have given us a new perspective on life; we are able to think differently. I tell others about your program.

From Gujarat:
I belong to a Bhili tribe. I do masonry work along with my husband. The Lord has blessed us with four children. By the grace of God we live a happy life. Previously, I used to worship idols. In those days we faced a lot of struggles. Peace seemed to elude our family life. One day Mr. Ramesh Bhabhor (Bhili producer) came to our home and told us about the Lord Jesus Christ. He also gave information regarding your different radio programs. I followed his advice and began listening to your program. I found the messages very interesting. Best of all, the program has changed our lives completely. My husband and I have surrendered our lives to Jesus and we have received the Lord’s peace in our family and spiritual life as well. The radio programs have been of great benefit to us. We began attending church in a neighboring village and we have been baptized. We now listen to your Bhili program on DVD. The program is very interesting. It teaches us how to study the Bible and learn from the Word of God. The ideas that are taught to us are unique and we enjoy listening to them. Around 10 of us gather together to listen to your program. It provides wonderful fellowship. Thank you for your teachings. We need more guidance to learn the Word of God.

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  • Producer: Ramesh Bhabhor
  • Launched: 2002
  • Target Area: India (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Mediums: Radio home groups, Internet
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