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Praise and Prayer Needs

Please pray for our many listeners throughout Latin America, that the program would be an effective tool in reaching them.

Please pray that God would both guide and provide as we consider additional ministry opportunities to the people of Africa. There is a great need for sound Bible instruction. If it’s in God’s will to increase TTB’s African ministry, we want to be obedient and faithful in doing so!

Listener Testimonials

From Suffolk, England: We believe that the greatest need for this country today is the continuing broadcasting of the Word of God. We have introduced a number of friends to this radio ministry and are therefore extremely concerned that it should be enabled to continue the most necessary work of teaching “the whole Word to the whole world” – and it is this particular part of the world we are the most exercised over. So may the Lord continue to prosper your work, and may you continue to have the joy of hearing of souls being saved.

From Kent, England:
The present study of Genesis is, as always, fundamental teaching. Although I’ve heard it several times before, I always hear something new because the Scriptures (so faithfully proclaimed) being inspired are “new every morning.”

From France:
I’m still on the bus and I continue to glean new and more lessons from God’s Word every morning that I listen to you. I am hungering more and more for the Word. Thanks for the study of Psalms. I’ve read Psalms several times and have studied them once or twice, but Dr. McGee’s teaching of Psalms revealed several hitherto hidden truths about God and Jesus to me! I felt like jumping for joy and shouting out that our God is reigning over our lives so we should worship Him!

From Kent, England:
I first started to listen to TWR approximately 20 years ago on TWR-eSwatini when I lived in South Africa, and through all the years it has fed my spirit with balanced and sound Bible teaching. The listener letters are also very interesting.

From Saint-Aygulf, France:
You have no idea how much I’ve learned from Dr. McGee’s Bible studies. I must mention that I cannot attend church services for various reasons that I would rather skip. Hence your Bible studies meant a whole lot to me. A daily spiritual food, sound Bible-based guidance in my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. TTB taught me how to focus on God, study and heed God’s Word even in the midst of my difficulties.

(Undisclosed location):
I have been a listener of your radio ministry for several years now, and it’s difficult what to write for so many letters read during your program express exactly what your radio ministry has meant to me and the help spiritually I received in the Word of God. Keep it up. God bless you.

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English (Overseas)_McGee
  • Producer: Dr. J. Vernon McGee
  • Launched: 1973
  • Target Area: U.K., Haiti, Panama, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Southern Africa
  • Mediums: SW radio, ​MW radio, Internet 
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