Praise and Prayer Needs

Pray for the many churches planted in Nepal by TTB listeners who gather together to hear the program and worship God. Pray also for those who experience opposition and persecution when they put their faith in Christ.

Pray for the hundreds of home listening groups meeting across India to listen to TTB together.

Several of our Indian producers, their spouses, children, or production team members are suffering from serious or chronic health problems. Please pray that it would be the will of our Great Physician for them to be healed, and in the cases where that is not possible pray for strength, perseverance, and comfort – both physical and spiritual – in their suffering.

Alcohol abuse is a common problem in many parts of India. Pray that believers would come under personal conviction of this sin and turn their backs on it. Among those who are unsaved, pray that they will turn to faith in God, who is the only one who can provide the peace and comfort they seek.

Listener Testimonials

From Bihar: Nine months ago, I encountered many personal problems that made me sad. Much as I tried I was unable to overcome them. Then a relative asked to listen to the TTB Maithili program. When I began listening I felt at peace. As I listened regularly, there was new hope building within me. A local pastor happened to come by to my house and when he prayed for me I realized that I was a sinner and that I needed to come to Jesus. Eventually, God helped me overcome my problems and I now enjoy peace and joy in my life. I praise God for this wonderful program which gave me peace.

From Bihar:
When I first listened to the TTB Maithili program, I was unimpressed. I felt irritated because it called my attention to a living God claiming that the gods and goddesses I worshipped were naught. But as I continued listening to the program, my heart seemed to melt. I realized that the Word of God was true. I then yearned to know more about Jesus and so I often called up the audience relations center to know more about the Lord Jesus Christ. With regard to my background, I have been bed-ridden for the past five years. I perform my everyday functions on my bed with no one to help me. It was in these circumstances that I first began listening to your radio program which brought peace and joy into my life. I am 26 years old and I don’t want to die without knowing Jesus as my personal savior. Your program is the source of my strength as it gives me courage and peace. Please pray for my salvation and healing and that I may stand firm in Christ. Thank you for the program which provides the necessary strength to live.

From Bihar:
I happened to listen to your TTB Maithili radio program on one occasion when they prayed for listeners’ problems, I was immensely touched because I was involved in a court case with a neighbor and I was victimized. As a result, I lost all my land, property and livelihood. I was left with nothing and I had no clue of how I was going to take care of my family. When I started listening to your program regularly, I would join in the prayer at the end and pray with a sincere heart to Lord Jesus to help me in my situation; to help me win the case. After many years of prayer I have come out victorious. I am free from my case and I have peace and joy in my family. It was a result of your program and prayer. I want to thank you for helping me know Jesus. He is my father who loves and cares for me.

From Bihar:
I come from a different religious background and we were always taught that there is only one god. That our religion was the only true religion, I was told over and over again. At a loose end, one day I happened to listen to your program, taking the advice of my friend. I admit that I was quite amused in the beginning. My mind was closed to new thoughts and beliefs. However, your teaching of the Word of God changed my way of thinking. I am convinced that Jesus is the living God. Thanks for helping me understand the true Word of God. Now I am a regular listener of the TTB Maithili program. Please pray for me that I may learn more.

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  • Producer: Shalender Joseph
  • Launched: 2002
  • Target Area: India (Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal), Nepal
  • Mediums: SW radio, Internet
  • Related Links: TWR-India, TWR-Asia

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