Praise and Prayer Needs

Pray for the hundreds of home listening groups meeting across India to listen to TTB together.

Several of our Indian producers, their spouses, children, or production team members are suffering from serious or chronic health problems. Please pray that it would be the will of our Great Physician for them to be healed, and in the cases where that is not possible pray for strength, perseverance, and comfort – both physical and spiritual – in their suffering.

Alcohol abuse is a common problem in many parts of India. Pray that believers would come under personal conviction of this sin and turn their backs on it. Among those who are unsaved, pray that they will turn to faith in God, who is the only one who can provide the peace and comfort they seek.

Listener Testimonials

From Hingoli, Maharashtra: God has blessed me and my family through your teachings of the Word of God. At present we are listening to the book of Samuel and God is speaking very clearly to me. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to have such a detailed study of the Word of God. My spiritual hunger and thirst are being satisfied through your teachings. We are farmers who depend on our crops for our living. Please pray that God blesses us with a good harvest. Thanks for your letters which we receive on a regular basis. Thanks also for your prayers. I believe that we are doing well because of your prayers.

From Belgaon, Karnataka:
I love listening to the program, and I am eager to listen to every broadcast. The songs especially are melodious. They touch a chord within me. Thanks for sending me the New Year calendar. It helps me think about [TTB] each time I look at it. God has granted me His peace through your program. Some time ago, my husband passed away and during those critical days when I was in a state of grief, [TTB] comforted me and gave me hope. It helped me realize that there is a living God who cares for me. I know He is with me always. Your messages and prayers have brought new hope into my life and I feel strong enough to face life alone. Please pray for my son who is in the military. We need God’s protection on him as he serves the nation.

From Pune, Maharashtra:
It is a great privilege for me to write you about my spiritual growth as a result of [TTB]. I have been blessed by your broadcast today. The Word of God touched my heart and I needed to write this letter. I pray that the Lord uses you mightily. Thanks for your service to us. God has blessed me since I began listening to the program. I tell my friends about it and they are convinced about listening to it. Please remember me in your prayers that I may be used more effectively.

From Aurangabad, Maharashtra:
It was quite by accident that I began listening to your program. Ever since, I have been listening to [TTB] regularly and I am being blessed by the wonderful messages. My six brothers and I were saved through your program and we are growing in the knowledge of the Word of God that you share through your program. My family and I serve the Lord and we share our testimonies among our people. I also encourage members of our congregation to listen to [TTB]. It is the only source of a systematic study of the Word of God. Please remember me and my family in your prayers.

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  • Producer: Rose Peter
  • Launched: 1990
  • Target Area: India (Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka)
  • Mediums: MW radio, Internet
  • Related Links: TWR-India, TWR-Asia

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