Praise and Prayer Needs

Many of our listeners in Central Europe are facing instability and financial hardship in their circumstances. Ask the Lord to use the TTB broadcasts to deepen their trust in God.

Many of the countries of Central Europe suffered for decades under Communist rule. While increasing levels of freedom have come to many people in this part of Europe, many of these countries have a long road of recovery ahead of them as they continue to face the devastating effects of atheistic Communism. Pray for open ears and minds and that the Holy Spirit would soften hearts to accept God’s gift of salvation through grace.

Listener Testimonials

From Ukraine: We are so grateful to God for your service in the radio. We have been listening to TTB for more than 3 years and we are blessed by it. We live in the Ukraine and we guide a Bible learning group at our house. There are more interested people. Thank you for TTB, it gives us a lot of help to serve.

From Slovakia:
It is a joy for me that I can listen to your programs every day. God be thanked I have a good ear in my age. I am 92. But my eyes are weak. Thank You for God’s Word. When I was 18, I met the Lord and I promised Him that I would never leave Him.

From Hungary:
I am writing this short note to express my thanks. Thank you for your services that speak to the hearts of the people and I ask our dear Lord to keep you in His service in order that you might save many souls before His coming back. I pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit in all your ways.

From Germany:
I have been a listener for a long time but I am not a good writer. Now I felt I had to write. I am from Transylvania but I am living in Germany. I have hardships because I do not speak the language of this country. But spiritually I am fine with the help of TTB. I receive new strength day by day and for this to God be the glory. When listening to the Word and teachings of God I do not feel lonely anymore.

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  • Producer: Laszlo Gerzsenyi
  • Launched: 1975
  • Target Area: Hungary
  • Mediums: MW radio, Internet
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