Praise and Prayer Needs for Africa

Praise God for ​our new broadcast in the Luganda language, set to begin airing on FM stations in Uganda beginning in January 2017! Pray for the producer and our new listening family in Uganda--that God's Word faithfully taught will transform hearts, lives, and communities.

Pray for the TTB-Kinyarwanda presenter who recently began recording the first programs. Pray for his physical strength, spiritual discernment, and endurance as he must work hard in order to meet program production deadlines.

We're thrilled to announce the addition of a new TTB language production! Kinyarwanda is spoken by more than 10 million people in Africa, most living in Rwanda. After the atrocities experienced by so many in that country over the past years, there is a huge need for God's presence and healing. We believe the Lord will use TTB mightily in this context. Joe Fort of TWR is traveling to Burundi in April 2014 to select and train a producer. Please pray for all the details of this exciting new ministry!

Pray that the TTB-Twi program – which is very popular in Ghana – will continue to touch the lives of listeners as we search for a new producer.

Doh Marcel Monjou, our African French producer, has been suffering from a problem with one of his eyes, and doctors are now saying he will probably lose all of his sight in that one eye. The ministry of this brother in Christ has a huge impact across West Africa. Pray that God will continue to use him in a mighty way and that, despite this infirmity, he will be able to rest in His eternal promises.

Please pray for the situation in Nigeria, where the persecution and killing of Christians by Muslims continues to take place. Horrific stories are coming out of the Plateau State where TTB broadcasts in the local languages of Hausa and Yoruba. We also have a ministry to the nomadic Fulani people (who are responsible for many of these killings) in the Pular language through the distribution of media players, but most of this work is being done in Mali, which is also a hotbed of recent Christian persecution. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout West Africa endure horrible suffering on a daily basis and many have lost their lives because of their faith. Please pray for believers there and for a peaceful resolution to the violence.

Please pray for peace and stability in Mali where earlier this year the democratically-elected president was overthrown by a military coup. TTB has a ministry into this country in the French (African) and Bambara languages.

Region Highlights

  • Home to more than 1 billion people, Africa accounts for over 14% of the world’s population. In some states, half or more of the population is under the age of 25.
  • Over 2000 languages and dialects are spoken throughout the continent; TTB airs in 25 of them (counting those aired in North Africa).
  • The high prevalence of disease is devastating. Malaria kills about twice as many people as AIDS and tuberculosis combined.
  • Most of the world’s active wars in the last 20 years have been in Africa.
  • Between 1900 and 2010, evangelicals grew from 1.6 million to 182 million – the largest evangelical population of any continent.

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