Praise and Prayer Needs

Pray that new listeners would persevere in listening to our broadcasts faithfully, spending time daily in God’s Word and growing in the true knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

Pray that all who have received the gift of a Bible will diligently read God’s Word and study it along with the program.

Please pray that those who are not part of a fellowship group will find a fellowship where Christ is the center and the teaching is healthy.

Pray that listeners who experience opposition at home would be able to listen regularly and without interference.

Listener Testimonials

From Croatia: Greetings! I received the Bible which you sent me, and it really made me happy. I would like to tell you that on the eleventh of December, 2011, I was baptized and officially became a soldier of Christ, thanks to God. You who are on the radio had a large influence in this because you encouraged me so much from the beginning. I wish you God’s blessing, and may the Holy Spirit guide you in further work, and once again, thank you. I tell you that the Lord has a reward prepared for his workers. The Lord be with you!

From Croatia:
Briefly, I have listened three times now to the broadcast “Through the Bible,” and I am blessed and taught and spiritually fed by the Word of God...When I listen to Through the Bible from Dr. McGee, it is encouraging that he says that the Lord will bring all 100 of his sheep to the kingdom of heaven, and it is interesting that when sheep fall into sin they seek cleansing, but pigs do not. They, in fact, enjoy being in the mud. Shalom until the next time!

From Croatia:
God’s blessing to all who cooperate on the project. I believe that you are an encouragement to your brothers and sisters wherever you are heard and listened to in the same way you are to me. I am a newly converted Christian. I am born again and strengthened through the brothers and sisters in the church, Christ the King, an evangelical Pentecostal church in Rijeka. By God’s grace I am saved, and I am preparing for baptism by faith and with the example set by our Lord Jesus Christ to whom and in whom belong praise and authority throughout eternity. Amen. Because I listen regularly and I know that you give a Bible and CD, I request that you please send them to the address on my letter. I thank you, and I ask the Lord to pour out His abundant blessings which He has promised to those who have made themselves available to Him to serve as His shepherds, increasing and strengthening his flock. The Lord be with you!

From Croatia:
Thanks to Jesus and greetings from a truck driver who wanders the world separated from his family like Moses when he was sent by God to leave his family and go to Egypt, although one cannot entirely compare these two situations. But this separation from family and this single life is much easier when a person is aware of the presence of God! It makes me very happy that I can listen to the gospel and that some things are clearer to me because of your interpretation! Anyway, I do read the Bible, and it is constantly with me when I am in the truck or at home, but I must admit that it is nicer when someone reads it on the radio, and I have the feeling that Jesus himself is preaching to me. If I were watching your broadcast on TV, it would not be this interesting because I would see you, and this way, when it is only radio, I only hear your voice and the Word of God! So, that is all from me, and I am truly happy that I can listen and hope that I can listen to you for many more years! Certainly I will have some questions so I hope to receive your answers!

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  • Producer: ​Ferdinand Sedak (retired)
  • Launched: ​1975
  • Target Area: ​Croatia
  • Mediums: ​MW radio, FM radio, Internet
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