Watch the testimony of Pastor Takashi, whose prayers in Japan were answered in the form of Thru the Bible broadcasts in ... Mongolia!

Praise and Prayer Needs

After years of praying and seeking an open door to go back on the air in this difficult to reach country, we are now broadcasting on a small number of FM stations! We praise God for the opportunity and are asking Him to allow us to expand this vitally important outreach.

For Christians in many countries who are not able to meet together and depend on the radio broadcasts for encouragement and teaching from the Word.

Listener Testimonials

We have a partner in Japan that is handling the follow-up at no cost to Thru the Bible. We are grateful when our ministry partners do so much work to expand TTB and ask so little from us, and we do not want to burden them with the additional work of producing monthly reports. For this reason, we often don’t receive as much feedback from our unsponsored language productions. We are actively pursuing ways to learn about the impact of the ministry without unduly burdening our partners.

Listen Now

  • Producer: Hiroyuki Fukuda
  • Launched: 1979
  • Target Area: Japan
  • Mediums: FM radio, Internet
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