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Praise and Prayer Needs

Believers in parts of Central Asia face persecution from religious fundamentalists and oppressive governments. Denying one’s religious traditions in order to follow Jesus Christ is viewed as bringing shame to the family and often results in expulsion or even death. Spreading the gospel is increasingly difficult, churches are being forced to shut down, and Christians in most areas must keep a low profile. Missionary activities are forbidden, so the best way to reach people is through mass media. Please pray for the people of this region and ask God to keep the door open to continue reaching them by radio!

Pray for believers in Central Asia who face persecution for believing in and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray as well that the governments of these countries would not increase restrictions on religious groups.

Listener Testimonials

From Kazakhstan: I received the Holy Scriptures from you, for which I am very grateful. I listen to your programs and am very interested in them.

From Kazakhstan:
I am praying for your ministry. May the work of the Holy Spirit be accomplished in many hearts through these messages heard on the air.

From Russia:
I am very grateful to God for your godly love and the books.

From Ukraine:
I eagerly await your voice to begin talking. The way the Brother makes it so we can understand, explaining it so well and with such good illustrations that we can understand. It is so easy to understand and so good to remember. I write down whatever I can, and have time for, while you are explaining the Scriptures. I retell it to my Sisters and my neighbors. One neighbor has come to know the Lord and now attends church.

  • Producer: Name and photo withheld for security reasons
  • Launched: 2002
  • Target Area: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
  • Mediums: SW radio
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