Praise and Prayer Needs

Many of our listeners in Central Europe are facing instability and financial hardship in their circumstances. Ask the Lord to use the TTB broadcasts to deepen their trust in God.

Many of the countries of Central Europe suffered for decades under Communist rule. While increasing levels of freedom have come to many people in this part of Europe, many of these countries have a long road of recovery ahead of them as they continue to face the devastating effects of atheistic Communism. Pray for open ears and minds and that the Holy Spirit would soften hearts to accept God’s gift of salvation through grace.

Listener Testimonials

From Lithuania: Thru the Bible provides explicit commentaries and detailed explanations of the Bible. The Word of God comforts and strengthens. This show provides insights and helps to see the signs of God in our modern world. I really love the explanations and comments. I have had a number of difficulties in my life. There were situations when even those closest to me turned their backs on me and I was left all alone with my problems. People can easily disappoint us. But God does not disappoint.

From Lithuania:
I think that we need such programs as TTB: they can be compared to crutches that help a disabled person walk his difficult road. Such a program is especially needed in the country. Very much needed. Thank GOD for it. Your programs strengthened me when I faced difficulties. They proclaimed God’s Word after all. My house burned down. I lost my job. I had a car accident. Believers prayed for me - and their prayers worked. God’s Word worked. I think we need to have such programs. People from all over Lithuania listen to them. Not all can openly declare: “I am a believer and God talks to me.” Things are different in the country. People are not so tolerant. They call you a cult-attender behind your back. And when they get drunk they say it openly. But it is so good that there are people who serve others. It is so good that they do not get disappointed and keep doing their work. Thank you once again and good luck. Thank GOD for you. Let the Lord reward you for this ministry. Thanks.

From Lithuania:
Hi! Wonderful programs! Very clear presentations, fantastic sermons. Some explanations differ from what Lithuanian priests say but such explanations are very deep and strong. It is a very useful program. I listen to it every evening. I have loaded all the records from the internet. Your programs provide such clear understanding about religion, sin and the price of Jesus’ blood. I feel that I’ve become a real Christian-Catholic. When you know the truth you can choose a way to walk. I personally feel that now I’ve been provided a choice.

From Lithuania:
It is a very good program. I love the Bible verses you choose and explain. They help me personally: sometimes the stories match exactly what I am going through in my life.

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  • Producer: Alfredas Pabarcius
  • Launched: 2001
  • Target Area: Lithuania
  • Mediums: FM radio, Internet
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