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Praise and Prayer Needs

Please pray that God would both guide and provide as we consider additional ministry opportunities to the people of Africa. There is a great need for sound Bible instruction. If it’s in God’s will to increase TTB’s African ministry, we want to be obedient and faithful in doing so!

Listener Testimonials

From Cape Verde: I am a young man who belonged to a group of outsiders, making assaults and causing disturbance in my neighborhood. All were afraid of me. Was at the end of high school, but dropped out of school because was revolting against everyone. Listening to radio programs, I have woken up to the things of God. Today I am in a church, my life is different, I will resume the studies and want to be a lawyer.

From Cape Verde:
Each day I recognize the value of the Word of God in a world so troubled and bad. I am 75 years, I know many things, but I recognize to be the Word of God the greatest need in the world. I hear the Word through radio along with my husband, what brings happiness to our home. The message of the Gospel continue being preached, because it is the power of God for the transformation of believers.

From Angola:
Since first I listened to TTB my life became different. My work is in the bush making fire wood and here we do not have any church. Therefore, TTB is our spiritual daily bread. Sometimes we do not have batteries for our radio and those are difficult days. If it is possible to send us a wind up radio it should be a big help for us. We are a group of four people.

From Angola:
My wife is very sick and we didn’t find any help at the hospital. The only thing that gives her strength to live is TTB. Every day we tune to TWR and follow TTB. This program has been medicine for her. I cannot imagine how things should go without this marvelous program. Please pray for her so that God can give us cure.

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Portuguese (African)_Umbundu_Ezekiel
  • Producer: Dinis Ezekiel
  • Launched: 1997
  • Target Area: Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde
  • Mediums: FM radio, SW radio
  • Related Links: TWR-Africa

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