Praise and Prayer Needs

FEBC’s Vietnamese Director tells us that there are an estimated 100 million people who live in Vietnam, yet there are 150 million cell phones! Also, more than 1/3 of t hose are smartphones. TTB-Vietnamese is being distributed to very large numbers of people through FEBC’s “audio hub” system. Pray that many more will be reached through it.

Pray for God’s blessing on our ministry to Vietnam – especially the new speaker box project. Pray as well for our Vietnamese brothers and sisters in Christ who face persecution when they share the gospel.

For believers in Vietnam, most of who live in villages located far away from any churches. Praise that radio programs are able to reach these remote locations with the study of God’s Word. This is the best and most effective tool for evangelism in that region. Pray that many more individuals will be made aware of the broadcast and start tuning in.

Listener Testimonials

From Vietnam: God has done such a good thing for me and for solitary churches where only non-easy roads can reach and electricity is not well known to people. Each house is at least 3 km apart from the next one. God has put me to plant churches in such a sparsely populated place. I believed in God in 1989,however my true identity was merely that of a carnal Christian. Due to my disadvantaged situation I did not have my first home until 2007 and I could quit the hired labour status after that. Since then I have God as my first priority and the compass for my personal life as well as my family. Not until April 2008 I started my testimony to people and planting home churches for church development, though the process was still slow. Our brothers and sisters now can confirm their faith thanks to the words of God that they began to listen to via your broadcast in June last year. There are families who turned away from divorce threat to a happy reunion or from idol worship back to God the creator. These things are really wonderful, ladies and gentlemen! I indeed ask God to replenish you in providing more Gospel broadcasting programs for the people who live in the remote regions. I would like to have a collection of sermons. From your assistance I can help our local people know God. The majority of the people here is from Tay ethnic background. They are strong believers and the number can be counted with fingers. They are cursed, live in poverty, and lack of food for both physical and spiritual needs because they have been infected with old custom in their blood. We ask you to remember in your prayers for the Tay people and our local congregation. May the grace of God be you.

From Vietnam:
I thank TWR for the radio receiver given to me which I use to listen each night and as a result many things about me have changed. I like to listen to your program very much and share with others what I have learned via your broadcast.

From Vietnam:
I thank God for the broadcast which enables me to listen to God’s Words each night after a hard working day. When night comes I can listen to God’s Words and I feel much better and the tiredness together with the sorrow are fading away. After listening to His words God gives me a good night sleep to prepare for the next working day. I enjoy listening and invite others to join me. Isn’t that great you reckon? I thank God so much and also am grateful to the staff people of TWR. May God’s grace be with you always.

From Vietnam:
I thank God for the interesting, beneficial and plentiful lessons that I have listened from your program. My job requires to work at farms away from all pastors and their assistant pastors but I do not lack of God’s Words sent from you broadcast. It keeps my faith still. After listening to the words via your broadcast I try many ways to introduce them to others and bear witness to others who are unbelievers. I thank God and thank you. May God bless you.

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  • Producer: Tin Van Pham
  • Launched: 2000
  • Target Area: Vietnam, Eastern Cambodia
  • Mediums: SW radio, Speaker box distribution, Internet
  • Related Links: TWR-Asia

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