Praise and Prayer Needs

TTB-Mandarin programs were provided by TWR to a missionary who works as a tent-maker in northern China. Recently he contacted us with this encouraging report: “Many brothers and sisters are starting to use the TTB program all across the country, even some new church plants and Bible study groups are being set up and using the TTB program as a guide. Thank you so much for helping to get this program into our hands.” Please pray for this missionary and the people in China who are learning more about God and falling more in love with Jesus as they study the Bible along with us.

Pray for our ministry to China. There are some exciting new ministry strategies that we are exploring to more effectively reach the world’s most populous country.
The broadcast provides a channel for Chinese believers to study the Bible systematically when Christian resources are otherwise scarce. Pray that the broadcasts in Mandarin and Cantonese will help believers build a strong foundation and that they will then share that knowledge with others. Pray also that knowing the Word will help believers recognize and expose false doctrines taught by the cults.

Pray that God will open new doors of ministry for our work in China. Our International Director Gregg Harris is exploring opportunities to broadcast inside the country, but there are still many obstacles to overcome.

Pray for the safety of our listeners, some of whom suffer persecution for their faith. Ask God to use the TTB-Mandarin programs to provide spiritual strength and security in their hearts as they face many obstacles to their faith.

For Christians in many countries who are not able to meet together and depend on the radio broadcasts for encouragement and teaching from the Word.

Listener Testimonials

From China: I have been a believer for six years. Yet I have encountered lots of good and bad circumstances. I also committed many transgressions. Inwardly, I have a feeling that I won’t be forgiven by our Lord. Will He be with me, his child, anymore? Will my name still be in the book of life when the Lord returns to this earth again?

From China:
I like Thru the Bible. [It] explains the Bible very clearly, and he explains verse by verse so that I can understand and practice it in my daily life. Not only do I receive some biblical knowledge, but I also grow spiritually. I am willing to introduce the program to the brothers and sisters so that they can listen to the program.

From China:
I am your old friend. I still keep my habit of listening to your programs via the internet with my computer each evening. I love your programs very much. I really thank God for letting me discover such an excellent gospel broadcast station.

From China:
Brothers and sisters in the Lord on air, I always pray for my friends, knowing that you will also pray for me. God forgives all my sins and heals my diseases. He saves me from death and satisfies me with good things. I thank God indeed.

From China:
Your programs have been helping my growth in spiritual life. By listening to the lectures, my spiritual understanding has been opened, which help me to understand the Bible further. I have recorded the programs, and have shared them with the others. I listen to this channel every day, so I can listen to these precious utterances through this radio station.

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  • Producer: Stephen Feng
  • Launched: 1977
  • Target Area: China, United States
  • Mediums: SW radio, Internet
  • Related Links: TWR-Mandarin, TWR-Asia

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