Praise and Prayer Needs

There are many religious cults and sects in the Philippines, and their false teaching is a source of confusion for many who are seeking the truth. Praise God, first of all, that these people are listening faithfully to the Bible study program. But pray also for wisdom and patience for the follow-up teams as they answer many questions and try to correct false perceptions about Jesus’ deity, the Trinity, and other basic yet crucial biblical doctrines. TTB is heard in the Philippines in Cebuano, Tagalog, and Ilocano.

Listener Testimonials

From the Philippines: I have just listened to your program and it really pricked my heart. I have been so passive about my spiritual life and I have become inactive for the past few months. Please help me strengthen my faith and rekindle my commitment to God. What should I do? Please enlighten me.

From the Philippines:
I am a member of the Anglican church. You know pastor I am experiencing spiritual struggle right now. I am ashamed of going to church because I know that I am not worthy to face the Lord. What should I do pastor? Please help me about my struggle.

From the Philippines:
I just heard your lesson a while ago and it really hit me right through. I am really disturbed right now because of guilt. I am a family man but I was tempted by a woman whom I committed adultery with. I’ve done this only once and never done it again. I am really burdened by guilt right now. Can God still forgive me for this sin which I have done? Can God still be willing to accept me for this? Please enlighten me brother.

From the Philippines:
Just want to let you know that we have a group which always follows your program every night. I really like your treatment for every text which you elaborate. Please keep up your noble work.

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  • Producer: Jun Ganancial
  • Launched: 2009
  • Target Area: Philippines (northern Luzon)
  • Mediums: FM radio, AM radio, Internet
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