Praise and Prayer Needs

Pray for the hundreds of home listening groups meeting across India to listen to TTB together.

Several of our Indian producers, their spouses, children, or production team members are suffering from serious or chronic health problems. Please pray that it would be the will of our Great Physician for them to be healed, and in the cases where that is not possible pray for strength, perseverance, and comfort – both physical and spiritual – in their suffering.

Alcohol abuse is a common problem in many parts of India. Pray that believers would come under personal conviction of this sin and turn their backs on it. Among those who are unsaved, pray that they will turn to faith in God, who is the only one who can provide the peace and comfort they seek.

Listener Testimonials

From Surendranagar, Gujarat: I am a school student who listens to your program regularly. I first came to know about your radio program from a friend. When I began to listen to it, I enjoyed it. The messages and songs touched me. I was able to apply the lessons I learned to my life. Your teachings about the Lord Jesus Christ impressed me. I am eager to know more about the living God. Could you please send me some reading material?

From Madhya Pradesh:
My family belongs to a different religious background. My husband and I have five children. We earn our living through farming. It is a tough life because we depend on the monsoons. We also worship idols. We believe that certain rituals will please them and that they can make our wishes come true. However, despite all our rituals we had no peace in our lives. There were often quarrels in the family. Everything seemed quite hopeless and there was no joy in our lives. It so happened that when my husband was tuning the radio very early one morning, he came across a Gujarati program. He listened to it attentively and I joined him. As the program progressed, we realized that it was about Jesus Christ. We went on to hear that Jesus can grant us peace and eternal life. Touched by that episode, we began listening to the program regularly. Around that time, a servant of God came to our home and prayed for us. Through that prayer and the messages on the radio program, God delivered us from the bondage of Satan. It was a joyful time for the family as we accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into our lives. Since then, we enjoy God-given peace and happiness. We have started going to church regularly. We find that we are growing in the Lord Jesus Christ through the radio program. We thank God for the wonderful blessings that we receive. It is now eight years and we still listen to the TWR broadcasts.

From Dahod, Gujarat:
I belong to a different religious background. I have a job in the railways and I also do some farming. As per the custom among people of my faith, I worshipped various gods and goddesses. I was also an alcoholic and vehemently opposed Christians. They angered me. It was under such circumstances that someone performed some witchcraft on me. It made me so sick that I was unable to go to work. My financial situation deteriorated and worry about it gave me no peace. I was actually bed ridden. One morning I tuned my radio to listen to some music. I heard how a leper was healed by Jesus. I compared myself to the leper. If Jesus can heal him, He can also heal me. With faith I prayed to Jesus, accepting Him into my life and confessing my sins. Gradually my life changed and I recovered. God healed me and delivered me from my sickness. With the new found peace, I was able to go back to work. It is 10 years now and I still listen to your program. I’m also involved in the ministry as I have been blessed by the radio program. Please pray for my spiritual growth.

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  • Producer: Percy Desai
  • Launched: 1990
  • Target Area: India (Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra)
  • Mediums: MW radio, Internet
  • Related Links: TWR-India, TWR-Asia

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