Praise and Prayer Needs

Pray for the many churches planted in Nepal by TTB listeners who gather together to hear the program and worship God. Pray also for those who experience opposition and persecution when they put their faith in Christ.

Pray for the hundreds of home listening groups meeting across India to listen to TTB together.

Several of our Indian producers, their spouses, children, or production team members are suffering from serious or chronic health problems. Please pray that it would be the will of our Great Physician for them to be healed, and in the cases where that is not possible pray for strength, perseverance, and comfort – both physical and spiritual – in their suffering.

Alcohol abuse is a common problem in many parts of India. Pray that believers would come under personal conviction of this sin and turn their backs on it. Among those who are unsaved, pray that they will turn to faith in God, who is the only one who can provide the peace and comfort they seek.

Listener Testimonials

From eastern Nepal: I used to worship idols. In that time, I was in search of truth and peace but in the right time, God has chosen me for his Kingdom. Now I know the true God and am passing my life peacefully. When I started to listen to the program, it helped me to grow in Christ. I got a real hope and I am blessed too. The program helped me to be close with God. Now I am sharing this truth with my friends too and also I can bear all the criticism from others. Thanks to TTB program for good and moral teaching.
From Nepal:
I am the only Christian in my family and they are against me and Christianity. They forced me to leave Christ and to follow them. But I never felt depressed, but instead I used to pray to God for them. I believed that God would make everything better. In the meantime, I was introduced to the TTB program, which gave me strength to face all those situations. It inspired me to have a fellowship with Christ and guided me to be still in the Lord. I came to understand the Word of God and it nourished my faith in Jesus. Today I am so happy and blessed through it.

From Nepal:
Since one and a half years, I am a regular listener of the program TTB. Through the program, I came to learn about the Bible study and also I am following it in my daily life too. The program helped me to change my bad habits. Even though I was Christian but I never had a prayer life and also never went to church regularly. But after listening to the program, I started to go to church regularly and it helped me to open my spiritual eyes. I started to pray regularly. Now I have a great challenge in my life. But I hope that God will help me and bless me abundantly. I would like to thank TWR Nepal for opening my inner eyes. God Bless you.

From Nepal:
I am a new believer. I got a program guide, then I started to listen the TTB program. This program is very useful in my life. It helped me to grow in spirit. I gained many knowledge and also came to know about systematic Bible study. It is helping in my spiritual life to become mature. It is helping me to lead in His right path and now I am becoming a great witness of Him in my society. Please pray for me.

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  • Producer: Simon Subha
  • Launched: 1994
  • Target Area: Nepal, Northern India
  • Mediums: FM radio, Internet
  • Related Links: TWR-India, TWR-Asia

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