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There are many religious cults and sects in the Philippines, and their false teaching is a source of confusion for many who are seeking the truth. Praise God, first of all, that these people are listening faithfully to the Bible study program. But pray also for wisdom and patience for the follow-up teams as they answer many questions and try to correct false perceptions about Jesus’ deity, the Trinity, and other basic yet crucial biblical doctrines. TTB is heard in the Philippines in Cebuano, Tagalog, and Ilocano.

Listener Testimonials

From the Philippines: Can I have your advice regarding my spiritual struggle? I want to keep what I have promised of doing good things, but my mind is telling me to do something else. I know this is a spiritual battle within me. Please help me. I am a listener of your radio program.
From the Philippines:
What a wonderful message you shared this morning, pastor! Thank you so much for being such a blessing to people like me. May the Lord bless you more abundantly!

From the Philippines:
How can I be so sure that I am saved? Is there a sign for me to know that I am really saved? Please pastor help me to know more of God’s Word. I want to be part of God’s plan. Thank God for your program. I am always listening to you every morning.

From the Philippines:
I just want to ask for your prayer. I am right now struggling with my problems. I know you are the right person to pray for me. I am always listening to your program.

From the Philippines:
Where in the Bible is it that the followers of God are allowed to eat forbidden food? I am just wondering of what I heard from one of your sermons that says we are now free to eat whatever food offered to us. Please help me to understand.

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