Praise and Prayer Needs

Praise God for this exciting report: “Over the last seven years TWR-Romania has distributed more than 6,000 fixed-tuned solar panel radios, produced by Galcom-Canada, to listeners inside and outside Romania. The radios allow Roma people throughout the region to listen to Thru the Bible programs in their own dialect.” Pray for God to reach more gypsies with the hope of Jesus Christ!
Please pray that the Roma people who listen to the program will apply the teachings to their lives so that lasting fruit will be produced.

Thank the Lord for an increase of the TTB-Romani impact on the Roma people through solar-powered radio distribution in Romania. Please pray that the radios will be used properly by those who receive them.

Please pray that TTB-Romani will be made known to more Roma communities. May more Roma Christian leaders and missionaries understand the help we offer them through this radio broadcast.

Ask God to bless our ministry to the millions of Roma (Gypsies) scattered across Europe. They are often treated as outcasts in the societies in which they live. Our broadcasts in the Romani language minister hope to millions who feel rejected and devalued.

Most Roma are illiterate, so their only way to learn the gospel is to hear it. Through our cooperative ministry relationship with TWR, many radios have been distributed in Gypsy communities. Pray for God to use TTB-Romani programs to introduce many to the saving hope of Jesus Christ and to deepen their knowledge of the Word of God.

Listener Testimonials

From Romania: I listen with great pleasure. Each night I listen with all my family and we enjoy the spiritual food that God offers us through TTB programs. We are gypsy but we listen also in the Romanian language because we can’t understand every word in this dialect. My mother knows better Kalderash (Romani) language and she also listens to your programs. We have other neighbors who listen. When the time comes in the evening, a few families come together and listen to these messages. Thank you for your work for us.

From Ialomita, Romania:
I listened to your programs on the solar radio that you sent to me. Unfortunately it is no longer working. My father in law received one too, but his, is still working and he listens all the time. I liked those Christian programs because I am member of a Pentecostal church. God bless you!

From Thessaloniki, Greece:
All the 20 solar radios that you sent me here in Thessaloniki, I distributed them to gypsy Romanian people who live and work here. They are having a very hard life, living in precarious conditions, being very poor. I know that 15 from 25 families, who received these radios, listen during the nights to your programs. 7 families already go to the church in Thessaloniki. Praise God for them, and I hope and pray that they will be transformed through the power of the Holy Word of God. May God bless you for all that you do, especially for those Romanians who live in other countries.

From Slobozia, Romania:
We have listened to your Christian programs on the solar radio that we received from you. Mostly my mother listens and she says that all these messages are so good. We are a poor family but we have God on our side.

Listen Now

  • Producer: Cornel Ciulin
  • Launched: 2000
  • Target Area: ​Romania
  • Mediums: MW radio, AM radio, Internet, CD and fixed-tuned radio distribution
  • Related Links: none at this time
  • Note: The Romani language is also known as "Vlax" or "Kalderash."

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