​​​​​​Western Europe

Our ONE REGION \ ONE REQUEST focus for January 2019 is Western Europe. Pray for interest to be stirred in spiritual things and for people to find Thru the Bible in different medias.

Listen to Thru the Bible president, Gregg Harris, and our host, Steve Shwetz, talk more about it.

Praise and Prayer Needs

Praise God for a great report from TWR-Europe about a recent baptismal service at a church in the Netherlands. One of the people who got baptized, a man named John, gave his testimony. He told the congregation that one of the things that brought him to faith was the fact that he was listening every day to the Dutch-TTB broadcasts, De Bijbel Door. Pray for John and the countless saints around the world who can also say that listening to TTB played a part in their coming to faith in Christ. May many more hear the gospel of grace and believe!

Please pray for our German producer, Rev. Woytschak, as he undertakes the great work of voicing TTB and sharing Dr. McGee’s teaching of the whole Word with his countrymen.

Pray for the newly-produced German programs to be used by God to get people deeper into His Word. Also pray for German-speaking people all over the world who will be listening via the Internet.

Pray for our Arabic TV broadcasts which are being broadcast four times per day via satellite to the Middle East, northern Africa, southern Europe, Australia, and North America! Ask the Lord to use these programs to draw many to faith in Christ and to strengthen believers in the Arabic-speaking world.

Arabic speakers—especially those residing in Europe—continue to be a large harvest field, desperately seeking a sense of peace and hope. Pray that the sound Bible teaching heard on TTB will reveal to them that true peace can only be found in the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ and through His Living Word, the Bible!

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Region Highlights

  • Spirituality in many Western European nations has been deadened by years of cultural-only identification with national churches. The area is in need of a revival of true faith, devoted relationship with Jesus Christ, and a passion for God's Word.
  • Immigration by Arab populations has created tension and resulted in conflict and discrimination in some areas of Europe.
  • Our newest language production aimed at Western Europe is Flemish, launched in 2016.

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