Praise and Prayer Needs

Pray for believers in Central Asia who face persecution for believing in and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray as well that the governments of these countries would not increase restrictions on religious groups.

Listener Testimonials

From Gyumri, Armenia: To tell you the truth at first I did not listen to your program and I always quarreled with my parents when they were making me listen to it. I thought that there were much more interesting programs than yours. But once I listened to it I realized that only your program gave me spiritual nourishment. Now I join my family and listen to your program with great pleasure.

From Vanadzor, Armenia:
I am a taxi driver and I am busy all day long. I am glad that I can listen to your spiritual program in my car and do my job at the same time. Besides, my clients also have opportunity to listen to your program. Thank you very much.

From Yerevan, Armenia:
Sometimes I can’t find exact words to present God’s Word to my neighbors. That’s why I invite them to my house to listen to your program together.

From Vanadzor, Armenia:
Nowadays there are a lot of programs. But they do not give us the warmth, the love, and the truth, which we get from your programs. Thank you very much.

From Artsakh, Armenia:
I have read God’s Word but after listening to your program I realized that I have understood only some part of it. You have helped me much. Thank you for it.

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Armenian (East)_Najarian
  • Producer: Sargis Najarian
  • Launched: 1996
  • Target Area: Armenia, Azerbaijan
  • Mediums: FM radio, Internet
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