Praise and Prayer Needs

Please ask for God’s direction as we work with the FEBC-Russian ministries team and seek to develop a renewed and more far-reaching Russian outreach.

Praise the Lord for our programs broadcast to Russia and the Ukraine while tensions continue. Pray that they will contribute toward reconciliation and peace.

When the Christian population is around 1%, as it is in Russia, it is difficult for new Christians to stand their ground and even more difficult to influence their friends. TTB programs bring legitimacy to evangelical Christianity and help individuals reach out to their friends. Please pray for these evangelistic efforts by TTB listeners.

Russia is becoming a more closed country, secular media is becoming more aggressive towards the West, and it is not clear for how much longer we will have an opportunity to broadcast the gospel in Russia. Pray the door will remain open so that Russian men, women, and children can hear the gospel message of grace and come to salvation in Christ through faith!

Pray for believers in Central Asia who face persecution for believing in and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray as well that the governments of these countries would not increase restrictions on religious groups.

Listener Testimonials

From Moscow, Russia: The Word of God is changing me through these Bible studies. I came to know Christ six months ago, and I was full of joy! I began sharing the good news with all my friends. Perhaps I was too eager to tell them all about Jesus, but I never expected such a negative reaction…. They basically stopped talking to me. The friendship that we had for many years just evaporated. When I listen to the Thru the Bible programs, I feel that I am home, that God loves me and will never leave me. Recently, I was sick and one of my friends did come to visit me. We had a good time, had some tea, and I invited her to come any time. Our friendship was rekindled. One day she came, and I was listening to the TTB program, and we listened together. I saw how God began to work in my friend’s heart. I now try to keep my distance, to make sure I do not push her into making a decision. But I pray for her and all my friends every day. My friend is asking me questions about God, and I see that her heart is open for His love. Thank you, friends.

From Latvia:
I am listening to your program. Praise God, I can learn more about Him. The New Testament I know, but the Old I read just recently. Therefore I am listening to your Bible studies especially with great attentiveness and joy. Thank you so much!

From Serpukhov, Russia:
I grew up in an unloving family, and when I got married, I was not happy either. My husband was a drunk and physically abused me. And now I have a very difficult relationship with my son. I recently discovered your Thru the Bible program. I listen almost every day, and something is happening to me. I cannot explain it, but I feel that God is changing me from inside as I listen, I feel that pain is disappearing.

From Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine:
I am greeting you with the love of Jesus Christ! ...With your help the population of hell is getting minimized! I am your listener for many years; there is always something that reprimands, but mainly there is encouragement in living the Christian life. I would like to ask you for the book or the recordings of the lectures of Dr. McGee that are read by V. Sorokin. The clarity and simplicity of the presenting of the Word can leave no one indifferent. Many blessings to you. And may God be praised!

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  • Producer: Oleg Shevkun
  • Launched: 1976
  • Target Area: Russia
  • Mediums: MW radio, Internet
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