Taqbaylit (​Kabyle)

Praise and Prayer Needs

Pray for the security of producers of Taqbaylit (Kabyle) programming, especially when they go to visit listeners or distribute radios to people who requested them.

Pray for peace and political stability throughout the Middle East and North Africa so that the gospel may continue to be aired without disruption. Pray also that governments in this region of the world would endorse complete religious freedom. Believers in countries where those freedoms currently are not available are also in need of our prayers for protection and courage.

For the church in the Arab world to stand strong and firm against chaos and that Christian people would seek God’s wisdom. Pray that the broadcasts throughout this area will be effective in speaking to the hearts of Arab listeners and that the study of God’s Word will bring about reconciliation and peace.

Pray for open ears and ready hearts among the multitude of listeners who follow the programs daily. Pray that Christians in North Africa will be living testimonies of Christ’s love for their neighbors and authorities.

Listener Testimonials

Phone call from Abdeslam: My dear friends of the radio, hello! Blessed be the Lord who designed this electronic means of radio, television, Skype, and so on to spread His gospel throughout the world. Kabylia is very blessed with these means of spreading the gospel. Good news: The number of house churches is increasing day by day. Like us, many don’t even have a TV. However, even people in isolated areas can listen quietly and privately to the radio! We ask the Lord to watch over these radio emissions forever.

Phone call from Ahmed:
I give you good news: There are many conversions in 2014. Many house churches that are born. Know that thousands of people are spiritually nourished by your radio programs. May the Lord strengthen you and help you!

Text message from Slimane:
I leave you in peace from the Lord, and I tell you that your programs have made lots and lots of fruit. God bless you!

Skype conversation with Wahab:
You have explained things well. I read in the Bible about David and Jacob’s lives – and others, too – and all the polygamists, especially in the last days of Solomon’s life. I was shocked. But now that I understand the reason for these things, calmness has returned to me and I confess today that the Bible is the true Word of God.

Letter from a woman in Algeria: I am converted to Christ thanks to God and to the programs of TWR. I thank God that I discovered the true path to follow to return to my creator, God the Father for eternity. Listen to my marvelous testimony. The first broadcast that I listened to was on the gospel of Christ revealed to John. I was very astonished when I learned that Jesus is God’s Word become flesh. Because the Koran also says that Jesus is the Word of God and his Spirit. It is necessary to say that the Koran has only copied what is written in the Bible. Again, the Koran teaches that Jesus is not God, but a simple prophet. How can we dare to say that Jesus who is the Word of God is not God? What an absurdity to want to dissociate God of His Word? Certainly, God and His Word are one. Jesus was right when He said: “I and God the Father are one.” Amen! Hallelujah! Thank you my dear friends, for with your programs of TWR you have projected Jesus’ light on Kabylia. Thousands of souls have been saved. Your reward in heaven is big.

From Algeria: Hello friends of God the Father. Let me tell you that God has done great things in our country, Algeria. Here’s the good news: We did a survey among the official and unofficial churches in Kabylia (northern Algeria) during two months of travel. We recorded three hundred men and women who have manifested their desire to get baptized this summer. Hallelujah! When I say official and unofficial churches, I am talking about those recognized by the state and those not yet recognized. Those that are recognized are 32 in number. Churches that are not recognized churches are house churches. There are tens of hundreds. In addition, dozens of requests for approval for the construction of new church buildings were sent to the authorities who have jurisdiction. However, these requests are thrown into the dungeon, no response. And yet there is a decree allowing Christians to build their places of worship. The institutions in Algeria are very worried about the future of the religion of our country. They say it is seriously threatened by the Christians. My dear friends, and friends of God, I tell you this to show you that your work is not in vain. The radio work is very effective because the message can arrive discreetly in the ear of each who listens. Good luck in the Lord, continue to send us your programs.

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  • Producer: Name and photo withheld for security reasons
  • Launched: 1990
  • Target Area: Algeria, Morocco
  • Mediums: MW radio, Internet
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